Whole Body Cryotherapy

Fight depression
Muscle and joint repair
Weight loss

Burn up to 800 calories, destroy fat and cellulite, produce collagen, and reduce pain and inflammation in just three minutes. Exposure to ultra-low temperatures trigger beneficial effects in the body and brain. In addition to accelerating weight loss, the body’s natural reaction to cold therapy causes improved circulation, increased energy, better sleep and improved mood.

Cryotherapy is a treatment that uses very cold temperatures either locally and in a highly-targeted way, or in a whole-body cryotherapy chamber for a therapeutic, healing effect.

Cryotherapy triggers anti-inflammatory responses in the body to keep your core warm. Because of this response, where blood concentrates toward the center of your body and outer tissues become constricted, cryotherapy is commonly used to reduce inflammation and pain. The benefits don’t stop there, either. Athletes have used cryotherapy for ages as a part of their sports medicine regimen to reduce muscle soreness. This use of freezing or near-freezing temperatures has also been used in weight-loss & anti-aging programs, mood enhancement, or even as an immunity boost.

Buy a 10-Pack of Cryo for $550 and get 10 Cryo sessions Free!. Available for purchase at special rate until 6/30/23.
Buy a 10-Pack of Cryo for $550 and get 10 Cryo sessions Free!. Available for purchase at special rate until 6/30/23.

A Total-body Rush That Regenerates: Our Cryo Chamber is located in a calming wellness room. Regardless of whether it is your first time experiencing cryotherapy, or your tenth time, as our client, you’ll receive top treatment and answers to all your questions along the way.

More Information: We supply you with a robe, socks, slippers and gloves when you arrive for your treatment. We have dressing rooms where you will change and keep your personal items. All jewelry must be removed before entering the Cryo Chamber.


Single treatment

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3 treatments


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20 treatments


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Helen P.
"Staff is super friendly and welcoming, which can feel like a rarity at many med spas or wellness centers! I love how cryo makes me feel, and the red light therapy beds are so soothing, I swear I can see a difference in my skin quality in 2 sessions"!
Beau A.
Such friendly, informed and helpful staff made my visit to the CryoSpa amazing! Whenever I'm in Chicago, a quick freeze helps me recharge.
Sam B.
I had my first experience at Cryospa yesterday, directly following a 95 mile bike ride. As an avid cyclist and weight lifter, I'm always looking for new ways to apologize to my poor joints and muscles, so the concept of putting myself in a subzero tank for three minutes was both intriguing and exciting. I have to say, after being "frozen", and having some compression therapy, I woke up the next morning and my normally tired and achy legs felt amazing. One of the benefits of the cold therapy is rapid muscle recovery.
Ashley A.
My mom and I were very impressed! We had such a great experience at Chicago CryoSpa! Great staff! Super clean and welcoming facility! Top notch equipment, and the first cryo center in Chicago! The founder is extremely knowledgeable around health and wellness and not only practices what he preaches, he writes books as well! My mom bought one and can’t put it down. We will 100% be back!!
Mike K
I can say that I have A LOT More energy for 24 hours after treatments. I also think that I am less sore the following day after a workout
Denee' L
Very friendly staff, clean space, and warm. Informative for first-time users and keep you company while in the WBC machine. Definitely keeps your mind off of the cold. You have my recommendation!
Linda P
Great service! Staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Had hip replacement and the localized treatment helped immensely with after surgery pain. Whole body cryo great for my arthritis!
Anthony M
This is by far the best cryotherapy spa I've been to. Because of their large capacity liquid nitrogen tanks, CryoSpa is able to achieve really cold temperatures that makes the whole difference! Very highly recommended
Rita T
Such amazing customer service! Ann was amazing….so informative and friendly! 😊

Frequently Asked Questions

How many cryotherapy sessions do I need? Will just one session help?

Yes, one session is enough to boost your energy, endorphins and adrenaline so you feel more energetic and focused. But we do recommend several sessions to ensure you continue to receive the full benefits.

Benefits of even a single Whole-Body Cryotherapy session include:

  • Extra calories burned during and after treatment
  • Boost in mood and energy levels
  • Relief of pain and inflammation
  • Enhanced sports recovery from hard workouts or competition
What should I expect in my first cryotherapy session?

You change into a cozy robe, fresh socks, slippers and warm gloves.

Women do not need to wear anything under the robe, but if you'd like to wear a bra, make sure it doesn't have an underwire. MEN MUST WEAR BOXERS OR BRIEFS.

You'll also remove or cover any piercings or jewelry.

Is cryotherapy actually safe?

Whole Body Cryotherapy has been used successfully for over forty years to boost the body's anti-inflammatory responses through brief exposure to ultra-low temperatures. Your head and neck remain exposed to room-temperature air. Only your body below the neck is exposed to cryotherapy's super-cooled vapors.

Trained CryoSpa Staff administer your treatment and remain present throughout.

The cryotherapy chamber does not lock. You're free to step out of it at any time.

Buy a 10-Pack of Cryo for $550 and get 10 Cryo sessions Free!. Available for purchase at special rate until 6/30/23.


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