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Whole Body Cryotherapy

Fight depression
Muscle and joint repair
Weight loss

There are many whole body cryotherapy businesses popping up everywhere. Most of them use walk-in chambers that perform anywhere from -110°F to -166°F. Our machines get significantly colder and can run up to -240°F. This makes a big difference!

Cryotherapy is a treatment that uses very cold temperatures either locally and in a highly-targeted way, or in a whole-body cryotherapy chamber for a therapeutic, healing effect.

When it comes to whole body cryotherapy the efficacy of the treatment is determined by temperature rather than time spent in the chamber. As temperature gets colder than -240F, we notice a dramatic increase in anti-inflammatory response. When it comes to whole body cryotherapy, skin temperature and the temperature of the chamber, not time spent in the chamber are the determining factors for efficacy. You can get the same skin temperature from an ice bath, or a cold plunge after a certain amount of time, but the physiological response of your body is very different. The key is to rapidly ‘flash freeze’ the body with extremely cold temperatures. Real whole body therapy at -220°F to -240°F is an extremely potent anti-inflammatory treatment.

30% off Select Cryotherapy Packages! Available for purchase at special rate until 6/30/24. Sessions will never expire! $30 for your first Cryotherapy Session!
30% off Select Cryotherapy Packages! Available for purchase at special rate until 6/30/24. Sessions will never expire! $30 for your first Cryotherapy Session!

Cryotherapy triggers anti-inflammatory responses in the body to keep your core warm. Because of this response, where blood concentrates toward the center of your body and outer tissues become constricted, cryotherapy is commonly used to reduce inflammation and pain. The benefits don’t stop there, either. Athletes have used cryotherapy for ages as a part of their sports medicine regimen to reduce muscle soreness. This use of freezing or near-freezing temperatures has also been used in weight-loss & anti-aging programs, mood enhancement, or even as an immunity boost.

A Total-Body Rush That Regenerates: Regardless of whether it is your first time experiencing cryotherapy, or your tenth time, as our client, you’ll receive top treatment and answers to all your questions along the way. We are certain you will receive one of the coldest freezes in Chicago. To your left, you will see a photo of 3000 liters of nitrogen that we have connected to our Cryo Chamber which gets it down to -240°F.

More Information: Our Whole Body Cryo is a 2-3 minute session. We will provide you with socks, gloves and a robe for your treatment. Once you step into our chamber you will remove your robe. After the session most clients feel an endorphin rush & pain relief. Cryo will take down inflammation and help with joint pain. It is also known to boost metabolism and promote sleep quality. The Cryo Chamber has a 350lb weight limit.

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Single treatment

$65 ($30 for your first session)
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3 treatments

$180 (NOW $126)
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10 treatments

$550 (NOW $385)
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20 treatments

$900 (NOW $630)
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50 treatments

$2000 (NOW $1400)
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Monthly unlimited

1 treatment per day

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30% off Select Cryotherapy Packages! Available for purchase at special rate until 6/30/24. Sessions will never expire! $30 for your first Cryotherapy Session!


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Natalie H
"So pleased with the service I received from the ladies today. I was totally stressed out, in need of some good endorphins. I was accommodated to the NEO bed and a cryo session no questions asked. I had no appointment. I know that wouldn’t be possible all the time but it really appreciated it today. They are always there to help me. Thanks again"!!!
Drew G
"Let me just start off by saying Racie is a true boss on the massage table! I had a knot so big in my shoulder she was calling it my little brother lol. Not only was she easy to communicate with she was very intuitive as to what it was I was experiencing and able to take the right approach to get things feeling better. I did deep tissue and boy oh boy does she have hands the Vikings would respect. Let me tell you it was a good hurt though if you know how that goes. Never felt as if she was doing more damage than good and when it came to certain areas of current or past injuries she kindly eased up upon request. The atmosphere itself was one I had never experienced either. Not only did they have a perfect temped bed/room, the music was relaxingly enjoyable, and they also had this cool lighting that made it look like you were lost in the universe. Truly great experience with Racie!!!! Highly recommend!! Now as far as the rest of the place goes it was nothing short of top notch customer service. Anne, Brittany, and Sampson were all very accommodating and definitely made me feel very comfortable. They have many services that I had never experienced before and at no point did I feel pressured or rushed during each one. Each of them took the time to answer any questions or concerns that I may have had, making feel like I was in good hands. My Chicago CryoSpa visit was definitely one I won’t forget and my little brother is basically gone now!! Thanks again Racie"
"The rush after getting out of their cryotherapy machine was insane. Can’t think of a better way to start your day. It’s also way colder and seems more effective than other labs in the area. My number 1 pick in the Chicagoland area"!
Stepper T
"Had the best experience! I did the full body cryo, red light therapy, and infrared sauna at my most recent visit and felt absolutely amazing afterwards. I especially loved the infrared sauna"!
Amber K
"Absolutely love coming here! Ann and Staff are so friendly and create an atmosphere where I feel welcomed, comforted, and relaxed as soon as I walk in the door. They are a one-stop shop for all regenerative services. I regularly use both their NEO light bed and cryotherapy services and can honestly tell a difference right away with how I feel and look after each treatment. The CryoFacial is next level! I also really appreciate the individual care I receive as a client. The staff understands my specific wellness goals and suggests treatments that align with my individual needs. No pushy staff trying to sell you on another service while you’re just trying to relax and enjoy the service you already purchased. Speaks volumes about the Spa and the services you receive".
Tom K
"It was my first time doing cryotherapy and I was immediately greeted by an extremely friendly associate named Ann. Ann has a plethora of knowledge regarding the pros when it comes to any service provided at this location. She immediately made me feel comfortable because she was very easy to talk to and extremely attentive! An employee like this will make me return for future services:!
Susan L
"There are other cryotherapy places around, but this is the best one. Plus they have other services, like massage - and other services you might really like. Also, if it's your first time, they have some really great deals to try their services. Highly recommend".
Bonifassy Q
"Fantastic experience. I went there with a friend of mine. It was the first time for me. I was slightly anxious, but Sampson found the right words to make me feel at ease and professionally walked me through all the positive effects CryoSpa has on the body. We will be back for both the Cryo but mostly notably, for the staff's hospitality".
Hifsah A
"This was truly an amazing experience that has me wanting to come back for more! I visited here a couple weeks ago and got a whole body cryo chamber, cryo facial, and the NEO light bed, and I felt the results for days after the treatment. Now, my skin feels great! Ann, Michael, and the rest of the team are extremely hospitable and made the whole visit a great time"!
Oliva R
"Kendall and Mel were both so helpful and nice! and the treatment felt great! Will definitely be back"!
Jorge V
"Michael was amazing help for my first time trying out the services. The LED light bed was so relaxing and the cryotherapy was one of the most unique and best feeling at -240"!!
Amber J
"Such an amazing experience and great hospitality. Ann and Sampson went over and beyond. Definitely will be back!!! Thank you for everything".
Christina D
"I had an amazing experience here with Michael, he was very knowledgeable about the treatments he was providing and I can’t wait to go back for my next round of cryotherapy & red light led! 10/10".
Pauline K
"My first time doing Cryotherapy and I loved it! Sampson and Ann were fantastic and I loved my cryofacial too"!
Serge G
"I visited Chicago CryoSpa recently and truly felt the positive effects days after the treatments. I did the cryotherapy chamber, cryofacial, and a massage. Truly felt relaxed and the team helped me out tremendously. I appreciate Ann & Michael for their amazing service".
Shelley F
"Chicago CryoSpa is always a must-do on my weekly list! Sometimes even three times a week! There are a lot of Cryospas...but Jim Karas’ CryoSpa is the only one with a big Cryo tank. Cryo reduces my inflammation and is a definite mood enhancer. Directly after doing the Cryo tank I head right over to the infra-red bed. Advanced technology, clean, easy parking, and most of all a great staff make this the best CryoSpa in Chicago!”
Shadehhbi W
"This so was so great after my workout today! Sampson was so helpful on all my recovery treatments I did. I loved the cryotherapy ..right away I could tell a difference on how my body felt after I got out! I can’t wait to go back and do it again. A game changer".
Sabrina T
"Great experience at CryoSpa ! Sampson was great, the facility was clean, each treatment was personalized and I felt amazing. I’ll definitely be back"!
Ayat S
"Amazing Experience! Tried almost every service they provide and was extremely satisfied with everything! I felt very rejuvenated after leaving. Staff were also very kind, informative and attentive! will definitely be coming back! Thank you for a wonderful experience"!
Kate G
"Chicago CryoSpa has been my go to place for recovery since it opened in 2013. The staff could not be nicer and more informative. The best place for Cryo, sauna and massage ! And now, a neo bed! Highly recommend for all"!
Terrin A
“Step into the exhilarating world of Chicago CryoSpa, where every visit is a plunge into a revitalizing adventure. From the moment you walk through the door, the ambiance screams luxury, and the results speak volumes. I was taken care of by Sampson and he delivered an experience that left me feeling like a rejuvenated superhero lol. It’s not just about freezing temperatures; it’s about thawing out a better version of yourself. Every guest would applaud the seamless fusion of science and serenity, making this spa an absolute standout in the realm of wellness. Chicago CryoSpa, where the pursuit of excellence meets the chill of perfection!”
Addison L
"This was the most amazing experience ever. Did a cryotherapy session which helped my body feel so good afterwards. Also tried the compression boots and it was so relaxing!! I came in so sore but left feeling so so good! Sampson made my experience 10/10 by telling me benefits of each treatment. I highly recommend this place".!!
Shayna D
"CryoSpa is just that. A Spa! From getting froze in the tube (yes it is different than stepping out into Chicago winters) to regenerating in red light therapy and freezing my face with some natural Botox with the cryo facial… the team goes above and beyond to understand and cater to your needs! Had a wonderful experience with the CryoSpa family"!
Christophe' B
"Best Cryotherapy experience. Very clean facility. Amazing accommodating staff. Comfy robe, socks, and slippers. I had the cryo-facial, cryo-full body experience, and green light therapy that calmed me to the point I dozed off. I will be back. Left feeling like why haven’t I been here before".
Gene G
"The cryotherapy was just what my sore knee needed after a recent injury. I also used the LED light therapy and infrared sauna which left me relaxed and by the end my skin felt amazing. I highly recommend this place if you need to recover from a long weekend or even a personal injury".
"I recently experienced the incredible benefits of Chicago CryoSpa, and I couldn't be happier! The welcoming atmosphere, knowledgeable staff, and state-of-the-art cryotherapy treatments exceeded my expectations. From the moment I stepped in, the staff made me feel comfortable and guided me through the process with genuine care. Sampson did an amazing job in explaining the benefits and made the freezing process humorous and comfortable for the 3 minutes in the chamber. The spa's clean and modern facilities added to the overall positive experience. The cryotherapy session left me feeling rejuvenated, energized, and ready to conquer the day. Chicago CryoSpa is truly a gem, providing not just a service but a revitalizing journey for mind and body. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking wellness and a boost in overall well-being"
Brittany D
"The spa was pleasing to all the senses. Sampson created a relaxed atmosphere. Although you're freezing your butt off, his humor and candor kept me feeling peaceful and comfortable".
Abdul A
"my first time and will definitely be returning! The infrared sauna and facial was my personal favorites. Sampson was fantastic explaining each procedure, as well as the benefits of each treatment. He does a great job and is very knowledgeable and helpful; I would definitely recommend him".
Casey H
"Had an awesome experience at Chicago CryoSpa. Ann was really nice and my whole body felt great afterwards. Was sore going in from running and legs felt really fresh almost immediately after coming out of the treatment! Will be making this a part of my regular maintenance routine".
John S
"Ann provided top notch service. Every aspect of the cryo procedure was explained and she made us feel like family from the second we walked in. Now for the treatment, if you live a busy lifestyle and the everyday aches and pains creep up on you then this is for you. I instantly felt better physically, my mood was great, and I had zero pain. This is a must for everyone to do. Make sure you visit Chicago cryo spa, you won’t regret it. Thank you".
Nathalie H
"I’ve been visiting the Chicago CryoSpa for almost a year now. The staff is super friendly and always very considerate of my needs. I used the Cryotherapy tank multiple times of week. I feel awesome when I’m done with a three minute session. It lifts my spirits. I recently started the Cryo T Shock treatments on my face. It does work as advertised. I’m super impressed. Who knew. Thanks to the lovely Ann for helping me make that decision".
Tony R
I never thought I'd be such a fan of cold exposure therapy...(Literally planning a move out of Chicago because I hate the cold so much!) That said - I'm hooked on cryotherapy after being first introduced to it at CryoSpa. I was nursing a running injury leading up to the Chicago Marathon. Someone recommended I try cryotherapy. My response? "That sounds expensive..." (Turns out - it's much cheaper than acupuncture). Since getting regular cryotherapy, I've noticed lower inflammation, better digestion, and a HUGE endorphin boost! But why this location in particular? Because their owner Jim and their director Ann have high standards. And you can tell. Everything from the robes they give you to the equipment of the cryo chamber, the heat from the infrared sauna, and their new LED bed (I could write a whole review on that alone) - it's the best. I can't recommend this place enough.
Tanya K
I started w/a Groupon to treat a SLAP tear in my shoulder & for random sprains from sand v-ball. Tried the full body, then after Kendall explained the benefits of targeted cryo, tried that next. You feel some immediate relief post, but it was how amazing I felt post activity the following day that surprised me. It reduces recovery time. My shoulder & neck felt almost injury-free Ended up receiving gift cards for Xmas since I loved it so much. They run promotions frequently, I just bought a 50 pack. Ask for Kendall, she’s there on the weekends. She’s so knowledgeable & thoroughly explains the process.
"Loved the compression boots, loved the cryo - tried both for the first time and this may become a new addiction :) Very welcoming and accommodating staff made the whole experience so awesome. Thank you"!
"PERFECT DAY .... Once at The Spa they welcomed you with smiles explained the process and answer your questions ..very clean and professional found street parking with no problem ..... I will return......THANKS CHICAGO CRYOSPA".
Marianne K
An LET treatment with Stephanie is a master class in health and wellness. Her knowledge of the body and anatomy and especially, how critical the lymphatic system is to optimum health is fascinating—and life changing. I felt the changes in my body right away and the next day, couldn’t believe the change in my face! Thank you, Jim Karas for your expertise and taste and vision in giving us Stephanie and her LET treatments. From the incomparable Ann and the best staff in town to greet you, Chicago CryoSpa is a Chicago treasure!
Alex S
"Top notch services and staff. Super customer focused and I always feel like they are accommodating and flexible. Through promotions I've been able to try some of the other services outside of cryotherapy and have been a repeat customer. Special shoutout to Ann and Ashley for always being so fun to work with"!
"Great experience and Kendall was awesome at explaining everything and providing amazing customer service. I will be back".
Martha K
"I have been going to the Chicago Cryo Spa for many years, love the services and the people. Recently I started LET sessions with Stephanie, it was amazing! Not only is it one of the most relaxing experiences but also the health benefits are amazing. I highly recommend trying the services at Chicago Cryo spa, especially LET"!
Beau A
Such friendly, informed and helpful staff made my visit to the CryoSpa amazing! Whenever I'm in Chicago, a quick freeze helps me recharge.
Sam B
I had my first experience at Cryospa yesterday, directly following a 95 mile bike ride. As an avid cyclist and weight lifter, I'm always looking for new ways to apologize to my poor joints and muscles, so the concept of putting myself in a subzero tank for three minutes was both intriguing and exciting. I have to say, after being "frozen", and having some compression therapy, I woke up the next morning and my normally tired and achy legs felt amazing. One of the benefits of the cold therapy is rapid muscle recovery.
Ashley A
My mom and I were very impressed! We had such a great experience at Chicago CryoSpa! Great staff! Super clean and welcoming facility! Top notch equipment, and the first cryo center in Chicago! The founder is extremely knowledgeable around health and wellness and not only practices what he preaches, he writes books as well! My mom bought one and can’t put it down. We will 100% be back!!
Yvette C
They supply everything and the infrared helped me feel brand new. I usually just get a massage when I feel sore, but this was a great option when I couldn't get in to see my therapist. Clean, modern and helpful staff. They have a rainfall shower with shower gel and simple amenities, it was nice!
Mike K
I can say that I have A LOT More energy for 24 hours after treatments. I also think that I am less sore the following day after a workout
Denee' L
Very friendly staff, clean space, and warm. Informative for first-time users and keep you company while in the WBC machine. Definitely keeps your mind off of the cold. You have my recommendation!
Heather W
The Cryo T-Shock is truly amazing! The T-Shock is the real deal! I did the full 5 treatments on my stomach and started to notice that my little pouch looked a bit tighter after my 3rd session... so I kept going.
Linda P
Great service! Staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Had hip replacement and the localized treatment helped immensely with after surgery pain. Whole body cryo great for my arthritis!
Anthony M
This is by far the best cryotherapy spa I've been to. Because of their large capacity liquid nitrogen tanks, CryoSpa is able to achieve really cold temperatures that makes the whole difference! Very highly recommended
Rita T
Such amazing customer service! Ann was amazing….so informative and friendly! 😊

Frequently Asked Questions

How many cryotherapy sessions do I need? Will just one session help?

Yes, one session is enough to boost your energy, endorphins and adrenaline so you feel more energetic and focused. But we do recommend several sessions to ensure you continue to receive the full benefits.

Benefits of even a single Whole-Body Cryotherapy session include:

  • Extra calories burned during and after treatment
  • Boost in mood and energy levels
  • Relief of pain and inflammation
  • Enhanced sports recovery from hard workouts or competition
What should I expect in my first cryotherapy session?

You change into a cozy robe, fresh socks, slippers and warm gloves.

Women do not need to wear anything under the robe, but if you'd like to wear a bra, make sure it doesn't have an underwire. MEN MUST WEAR BOXERS OR BRIEFS.

You'll also remove or cover any piercings or jewelry.

Is cryotherapy actually safe?

Whole Body Cryotherapy has been used successfully for over forty years to boost the body's anti-inflammatory responses through brief exposure to ultra-low temperatures. Your head and neck remain exposed to room-temperature air. Only your body below the neck is exposed to cryotherapy's super-cooled vapors.

Trained CryoSpa Staff administer your treatment and remain present throughout.

The cryotherapy chamber does not lock. You're free to step out of it at any time.

30% off Select Cryotherapy Packages! Available for purchase at special rate until 6/30/24. Sessions will never expire! $30 for your first Cryotherapy Session!


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