Lymphatic Drainage Wrap

Weight loss

The Lymphatic Drainage Wrap is a 90-minute service, which accelerates weight and fat loss. It starts with a 30-minute Magnesium Wrapped Infrared Sauna Session, followed by a 60-minute Lymphatic Drainage Massage.

Post the 90-minute treatment, you will see and feel an immediate reduction in the areas which were wrapped in magnesium.

But, 2-4 days post the treatment, you will see and feel an even more dramatic result as your lymphatic system has completed the detoxification of your entire body.

Now $270 (Originally $290) PLEASE CALL US TO BOOK THIS SERVICE.
Now $270 (Originally $290) PLEASE CALL US TO BOOK THIS SERVICE.

Infrared aids in:

  • Calorie burning
  • Breakdown of fat tissue and reduction of cellulite
  • Eliminating toxins and metabolic wastes
  • Reduction of aching and injured muscles

Lymphatic Drainage Massage aids in:

  • Pushing toxins through the lymph channels.
  • Eliminating inflammation and bloat.

Yvette C.
They supply everything and the infrared helped me feel brand new. I usually just get a massage when I feel sore, but this was a great option when I couldn't get in to see my therapist. Clean, modern and helpful staff. They have a rainfall shower with shower gel and simple amenities, it was nice!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I avoid eating after my lymphatic drainage massage/wrap?

You should avoid eating heavy and unhealthy foods after our treatment to promote digestion.

How long before a wedding or event should you get the treatment?

You can get a treat up to the day before a wedding or event, however for best results we recommend that you come in frequently leading up to the event instead of just once.

Does lymphatic drainage help with loose skin?

Yes, lymphatic drainage helps to boost collagen production and skin elasticity. Usually we would recommend our Cryo T-Shock treatment which focuses on specific areas against fibrosis, cellulite and unevenness leaving the skin smooth and tight.

How long do the effects of the lymphatic drainage last?

Everyone’s body reacts to the treatments differently and the combination of a healthy diet and regular exercise routine plays a major role in it.

What are the benefits of lymphatic drainage massage/wrap?

Our treatments help with reducing fluid retention, reducing inflammation, promoting collagen to the skin, anti-edema, anti-fibrosing, antispasmodic, tissue detox, and improving metabolic exchanges.

Now $270 (Originally $290) PLEASE CALL US TO BOOK THIS SERVICE.



We have a 24-hour cancellation policy for this service, and a credit card will be required to hold your appointment.