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Muscle and joint repair

Full Body

Full Body massage is specifically designed to treat muscle pain, such as strains and sports injuries, and improve stiffness. By applying sustained pressure using slow, strokes to target the inner layers of your muscles and connective tissues, Full Body massage breaks up the scar tissue which forms following an injury.

Lymphatic Drainage

A Lymphatic Drainage massage is an ideal solution for those who cannot exercise regularly. The main job of the lymphatic system is to carry and dispose of waste. Without this technique, excessive waste contributes to excess body weight. The Lymphatic Drainage massage uses light pressure and rhythmic movements to stimulate the lymph flow. This allows the body to start naturally disposing of lymph fluid.

Please see the before & after image of a lymphatic drainage massage

50% off your first massage
50% off your first massage


Cupping increases blood circulation by pulling the skin away from the tight or injured area to improve overall blood flow and accelerate repair. It may also help form new connective tissues and create new blood vessels in the tissue. Cupping also encourages tissues to release toxins, may reduce stretch marks and scars, can clear congestion and colon blockages and aids digestion.

Tim N.
I had had a fantastic massage with Jessica and my wife also had lymphatic drainage massage with her as well. We loved our experience and plan on coming back to visit the Chicago CryoSpa soon!
Heather K.
It was my first time trying a fascial stretch. My muscles felt sore before the stretch and after I felt like a whole new person. I left feeling balanced, less stressed, more flexible, and my muscle pain (because of this service) was corrected and ready to take on future workouts!
Patrick J.
I just had a 90-minute massage with Adam. Finally a trained and intuitive LMT. With a firm touch, he found every knot; instead of mindlessly punishing the muscles, he melted the knots and the pain with a building, purposeful-pressure, that was absolute perfection.
Andrew H
Just received the greatest 60 min massage at Chicago CryoSpa! This was my first time there and the whole experience was incredible.

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50% off your first massage


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