Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy

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LET is designed to detoxify the soft tissue, bolster immune system function, and to reduce swelling and congestion in the tissues. The results are cumulative, and a series of sessions is the most effective way to achieve optimal results. Individual sensitivity level is assessed in the initial session to determine the best treatment plan. 

Note: that LET is not a lymphatic drainage massage. It is an accelerated cleaning of the lymphatic system done using medical electronic instrumentation called the Aria, which is trademarked by the company Arcturus Star Products. LET does not require hands-on techniques to be effective.  

The Aria is an FDA registered device. It uses a combination of electromagnetic energy fields to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, decongests soft tissue, and promote healing.

Single Session: $250
Single Session: $250

The Aria works in 3 ways:

Electrostatic Current: A safe, highly regulated, subtle electrostatic energy field (EEF). This is an electric current at extremely low amperage. This current activates the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest response). It also ionizes the tissue, which causes waste that is collected and sitting in the soft tissue to break apart and move into the lymphatic vessels where it can be detoxified from the body. EEF also aids in enhanced microcirculation and fluid management. 

Sound Waves: Frequencies and harmonics emitted from the device are between 0 and 1,000 hertz. These frequencies resonate in the body with specific organs and tissues, helping to restore them to a balanced state. These sound waves also have a mechanical effect on the waste in the tissue, colliding it to break it up.  

Light Therapy: Near infrared, red LED, and blue light are also used. Near Infrared and red light help to reduce inflammation and swelling. The blue light helps with balancing hormones. 


What to Expect During a LET Session: The treatments are done in a massage setting, but this is not a massage. LET is applied directly to the skin through a medical grade glass bulb. A series of manual lymphatic strokes are applied before and after the LET application to evaluate specific lymphatic structures. Majority of the session is done using the Aria. 

What to Expect After a LET Session: The LET treatment feels relaxing and gentle during application, however, it is encouraging the detoxification of tissue that potentially has years of waste build up and toxins. Due to this some people may experience side effects associated with detoxing. 


Conditions that LET can Improve: 

Lymphedema: LET greatly reduces excess lymph congestion and potential scar tissue. It also aids in prevention of this condition.

Cold/Flu: reduction in duration and intensity. 

Tinnitus: reduces that day, but long-lasting results take more sessions.

Nasal and Sinus Congestion:  immediate relief for acute issues, scar tissue takes more time to address.

Dental Issues: increased healing post-surgery, prevents infection, and improves tissue health pre-surgery. 

TMJ: helps to reduce the tension around the jaw, and at the base of the skull.

Acne: cleans tissue internally to prevent deeper seated eruptions from occurring.

Under Eye Puffiness: drains the fluid congestion out of the area.

Swollen Lymph Nodes in Neck: LET flushes them and reduces them in size.

Swelling at the Clavicle Area: this is where lymph drains into the blood, and is often congested.

Breast Tenderness/Swelling/Infection: reduction in swelling and discomfort in breast & underarm. LET promotes breast health.

Blocked Mammary Duct: LET will move the blockage 95% of the time. Breast milk needs to be discarded for 12 hours after a session.

Scar Tissue: either internal or external. This takes a longer series of sessions.

Lipomas - benign fatty tumors.  These usually take several visits to dissolve.

Joint Stiffness: often there is tissue congestion/inflammation around the joint, or in a joint closer to the drainage point, preventing flow.

Heavy Feeling in Limbs: usually a structural blockage at underarm or groin.

Digestive Issues: lymph congestion is common in the abdomen because the small intestine has specialized lymph vessels called lacteals that are responsible for fat digestion. LET reduces the waste around the organs and aids in digestion. Colitis and IBS are autoimmune diseases and LET helps to strengthen and balance the immune system.

Reproductive Issues: Fibroids, cysts, scars, and many other issues in this area will benefit. There is often a lot of scar tissue from childbirth, abdominal surgeries, and endometriosis. LET sessions help to remove waste from the area to promote tissue healing. 

Leg Swelling: often blockages in the abdominal lymphatic structures prevent proper drainage of the low extremities and leg swelling is frequently resolved by decongesting the abdominal space.  

Cancer: LET helps to detoxify the body from chemotherapy following the end of chemotherapy treatment. LET treatments make a significant improvement in the associated nerve pain as well as help to clear out the dead tumor cells preventing them from causing blockages within the tissue. [Note: Cancer is listed as a contraindication on the Arcturus website. This is because the company wants people addressing cancer with LET to take the formal training.] 

Orthopedic Problems: aids in pain/inflammation reduction and improves range of motion. LET is indicated in the treatment plan both before and after operations. 


How to Prepare for Your LET Session: 

Hydration is key. Be well hydrated for a day or so before your visit and continue to hydrate following treatment. Adequate hydration will help to reduce possible side effects associated with detoxing. 

Avoid applying thick lotion, cream, or oils on the skin prior to treatment

No deodorant. It can be brought with and put on after

To receive LET on the face, arrive with a clean face, no make-up. Or bring make-up wipes to remove and clean face prior to treatment

No wet hair

Plan to remove all jewelry surrounding the neck, face, and on the hands or wrist

Eating a light meal is ok beforehand, but not a large one

LET Sessions can be done bi-weekly


Common Side Effects:  Post-nasal drainage, Feeling the need to swallow, Feeling tired or sleepy, Darker or more intense urine, More plentiful bowel movement, Increased visibility of boney prominences, Improved respiratory function, Brain fog reduction, Deep sleep the night of a session, Improved range of motion in joints

Rare, but Possible Side Effects:  Mild nausea, Slight headache, Slight dizziness, Feeling flu-like symptoms, Anxious (this is usually brief and occurs during the session in response to the parasympathetic activation)


Contraindications: Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), Known blood clots, DVT, AVM, carotid blockage, or high stroke potential/history, Pregnant [Note: use caution with any lymphatic therapy if trying to become pregnant]


Precautions: Breastfeeding moms need to dump their milk for 12 hours after a session, Cancer: more information is needed regarding stage of treatment, Breast Implants: indicate type of implant, Pacemaker: the area immediately around it will be left alone, but the session is 100% safe, PEMF is contraindicated for pacemakers, Please indicate the location of injectables: Botox, Juvéderm, collagen or fat fillers, Open Wounds: the wound will be left alone but the surrounding area can be treated


LET cannot resolve the following:  Spine or spinal disc dysfunction, Bone complications or diseases like osteoporosis, LET can reduce soft tissue inflammation associated with these issues but cannot correct them. 

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Single Session: $250


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