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Innovating since 2013 and conceptualized by Jim Karas. Our stellar team is here to ensure you feel and look your best, live pain-free, and jump start your metabolism with our advanced treatments & technology.

By appointment only.

Experience the coldest Cryo Chamber in Chicago!

Our local & whole body cryogenic treatments use extreme cold (down to -240ºF!) to give your body the jump start it needs to release endorphins, burn calories, accelerate muscular recovery, and more! We have 3000 liters of nitrogen connected to our Whole Body Cryo Chamber which makes our machine the coldest in Chicago!

Discover the benefits
Enhance Skin Health
Enhance Skin Health
Reduce Joint and Muscle Pain
Reduce Joint and Muscle Pain
Speed Up Your Metabolism
Speed Up Your Metabolism
Boost Energy and Release Endorphins
Boost Energy and Release Endorphins
Reduce Inflammation
Reduce Inflammation
"Loved the compression boots, loved the cryo - tried both for the first time and this may become a new addiction :) Very welcoming and accommodating staff made the whole experience so awesome. Thank you"!
Danielle L
"The staff and services are absolutely incredible! I noticed an improvement for mild Crohn’s symptoms from cryotherapy and LED bed but LET Therapy was a complete game changer for my digestion and overall health! I had never heard of LET therapy and was apprehensive when the staff recommended it because of the cost. I am so glad I trusted Ann’s recommendation after she listened to what was going on with me. These results are well worth the money! I’m obsessed. I’m so grateful to have found Stephanie who is extremely knowledgeable about the body and passionate about the lymphatic system (which I never thought about before). This is a very cool technology that is unbelievably relaxing. I never expected to find something like this and I look forward to these visits. After the first treatment, my digestion improved almost immediately and my stress was noticeably lower. I didn’t think it was possible but the second session results were even better. I’ve been going back regularly. In addition to improved digestion, I’ve noticed ease in meditation and less congestion everywhere (I didn’t realize I had congestion but I feel cleaner and lighter throughout). I feel confident that I’ll be able to control my disease better in the future. I would recommend trying LET therapy to anyone but especially those with IBD or other digestive struggles. This was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. 😊 Many thanks to the staff here who are all so friendly and caring"!
"PERFECT DAY .... Once at The Spa they welcomed you with smiles explained the process and answer your questions ..very clean and professional found street parking with no problem ..... I will return......THANKS CHICAGO CRYOSPA".
"Chicago CryoSpa is not only an exquisite space, but the staff are all incredibly welcoming and engaging. I’ve had 1 t-shock treatment and look forward to more and exploring more of what they have to offer"!
"From the treatments to the staff, everything is 10 out of 10".
"So nice and relaxing. Felt awesome to get a nice sweat, while not lifting a finger. The staff is super kind, and the place is nice, clean and parking is easy".
Bonnie M
"Stephanie's LET massage is incredible! She is so beyond knowledgeable and I feel so much better after doing it"!
An LET treatment with Stephanie is a master class in health and wellness. Her knowledge of the body and anatomy and especially, how critical the lymphatic system is to optimum health is fascinating—and life changing. I felt the changes in my body right away and the next day, couldn’t believe the change in my face! Thank you, Jim Karas for your expertise and taste and vision in giving us Stephanie and her LET treatments. From the incomparable Ann and the best staff in town to greet you, Chicago CryoSpa is a Chicago treasure!
"I had an LET treatment with Stephanie after weeks of not feeling well. I feel this treatment along with Stephanie’s expertise and manual bodywork of the over all lymphatic system was very healing for my body and was part of the treatments that got my health back on track! Thank you Stephanie and Chicago CryoSpa"!
Eirene H
"I’m thrilled to say I’m experiencing great results from my LET treatments! I identified the areas to Stephanie and she is focusing on them as well as my entire system. I’m most excited that my c-section scar tissue is lessening after 3 babies and my girlfriend even noticed my jaw line is becoming more toned".
Susan S
Post surgery on my knee I was having continued swelling and pain sleeping and I was looking for anything that would help. You can only use those ice packs for so long and with minimal benefit. Then I got a promotional email from Chicago CryoSpa and pulled up their website. I read about LET for lymphatic drainage and I noticed they can spot treat you with Cryotherapy. Sign me up! After 1 treatment my swelling went down to almost zero. I'm now going weekly for LET and 2x a week for cryo treatment. It will be an 8 month recovery to full motion so any help with internal tissues is speeding up my recovery. Highly recommended!
Alex S
"Top notch services and staff. Super customer focused and I always feel like they are accommodating and flexible. Through promotions I've been able to try some of the other services outside of cryotherapy and have been a repeat customer. Special shoutout to Ann and Ashley for always being so fun to work with"!
"I really enjoyed the ease of scheduling - zero wait! Employee was very friendly and diminished my first timer fears. My skin feels tighter and and it’s only ten minutes which is nice".
"Great experience and Kendall was awesome at explaining everything and providing amazing customer service. I will be back".
Martha K
"I have been going to the Chicago Cryo Spa for many years, love the services and the people. Recently I started LET sessions with Stephanie, it was amazing! Not only is it one of the most relaxing experiences but also the health benefits are amazing. I highly recommend trying the services at Chicago Cryo spa, especially LET"!
Helen P
"Staff is super friendly and welcoming, which can feel like a rarity at many med spas or wellness centers! I love how cryo makes me feel, and the red light therapy beds are so soothing, I swear I can see a difference in my skin quality in 2 sessions"!
Bridget W
I've been seeing Stephanie for Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy treatments for over a year now. Her LET treatments have accelerated my health more than any other health or wellness treatment I've received (countless). LET was the missing puzzle piece in my overall wellness routine and both helped me heal after a traumatic health scare, in addition to now helping me to maintain a higher baseline of health than ever before. The treatments have not only helped with my general lymphedema, but have also noticeably boosted my immunity and lowered inflammation over time. Stephanie is incredibly knowledgeable, professional and extremely warm. She genuinely cares and it shows! I can't recommend her services enough.
Beau A
Such friendly, informed and helpful staff made my visit to the CryoSpa amazing! Whenever I'm in Chicago, a quick freeze helps me recharge.
Tim N
I had had a fantastic massage and my wife also had lymphatic drainage massage as well. We loved our experience and plan on coming back to visit the Chicago CryoSpa soon!
Heather K
It was my first time trying a fascial stretch. My muscles felt sore before the stretch and after I felt like a whole new person. I left feeling balanced, less stressed, more flexible, and my muscle pain (because of this service) was corrected and ready to take on future workouts!
John N
If you have redness and puffiness in your face this is a great treatment. It really tightens and smoothes your skin.
Ashley A
My mom and I were very impressed! We had such a great experience at Chicago CryoSpa! Great staff! Super clean and welcoming facility! Top notch equipment, and the first cryo center in Chicago! The founder is extremely knowledgeable around health and wellness and not only practices what he preaches, he writes books as well! My mom bought one and can’t put it down. We will 100% be back!!
Yvette C
They supply everything and the infrared helped me feel brand new. I usually just get a massage when I feel sore, but this was a great option when I couldn't get in to see my therapist. Clean, modern and helpful staff. They have a rainfall shower with shower gel and simple amenities, it was nice!
Mike K
I can say that I have A LOT More energy for 24 hours after treatments. I also think that I am less sore the following day after a workout
Denee' L
Very friendly staff, clean space, and warm. Informative for first-time users and keep you company while in the WBC machine. Definitely keeps your mind off of the cold. You have my recommendation!
Patrick J
I just had a 90-minute massage with Adam. Finally a trained and intuitive LMT. With a firm touch, he found every knot; instead of mindlessly punishing the muscles, he melted the knots and the pain with a building, purposeful-pressure, that was absolute perfection.
Heather W
The Cryo T-Shock is truly amazing! The T-Shock is the real deal! I did the full 5 treatments on my stomach and started to notice that my little pouch looked a bit tighter after my 3rd session... so I kept going.
Linda P
Great service! Staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Had hip replacement and the localized treatment helped immensely with after surgery pain. Whole body cryo great for my arthritis!
Anthony M
This is by far the best cryotherapy spa I've been to. Because of their large capacity liquid nitrogen tanks, CryoSpa is able to achieve really cold temperatures that makes the whole difference! Very highly recommended
Rita T
Such amazing customer service! Ann was amazing….so informative and friendly! 😊
Andrew H
Just received the greatest 60 min massage at Chicago CryoSpa! This was my first time there and the whole experience was incredible.

Take advantage of our full suite of wellness treaments.

Cryotherapy Treatments

Treat your whole body or target specific areas with our full suite of cryotherapy treatments. Whatever your needs may be, you can enjoy an abundance of health benefits including anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, muscle and joint repair, fight depression, boost metabolism, and more.

Whole Body Cryotherapy

We have 3000 liters of nitrogen connected to our Whole Body Cryo Chamber which makes our machine the coldest in Chicago! The Whole Body Cryo Chamber is a single person device which envelopes a client's body while keeping the head and neck area exposed to room air above the chamber. This is a 2-3 minute session which will immediately take down muscle inflammation, help with joint pain and boost metabolism.

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A controlled beam of vaporized liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the skin of the face, scalp, and neck area. If done regularly, our CryoFacial™ can build collagen which will help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The CryoFacial™ is a 10 minutes session that you can do with our with out makeup. It will take down puffiness, tighten your skin and shrink your pores.

Learn more

Local Cryotherapy

Decrease inflammation and swelling in targeted areas and subsequently reduce pain.

Learn more

Cryo T-Shock

The Cryo T-Shock applies sub-zero temperatures to eliminate fat cells, reduce cellulite, and tighten loose skin.

Learn more

Spa Treatments

Treat your whole body or target specific areas with our full suite of cryotherapy treatments. Whatever your needs may be, you can enjoy an abundance of health benefits including anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, muscle and joint repair, fight depression, boost metabolism, and more.


We offer Deep Tissue, Cupping, Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), Trigger Point, Guasha, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Myofascial and Acupressure.

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Lymphatic Drainage Wrap

The Lymphatic Drainage Wrap is a 90-minute service, which accelerates weight, fat loss and detoxification.

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Infrared Sauna

Relaxes your muscles, detoxes the body, relieves joint pain, tightens the skin, and facilitates weight loss. Our Infrared Sauna heats up to 150F. Sessions are 30 minutes, yet you will receive the room for 45 minutes. We have a shower should you'd like to rinse off afterwards.

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LED Light Therapy / NEO Light Bed

LED light and infrared frequencies can penetrate deep into the skin by increasing collagen, elastin, stimulating cellular energy, metabolism, mood, decreasing migraines and boosting energy production.

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Lymphatic Enhancement Technology (LET)

Detoxify soft tissue, bolster immune system function, and reduce swelling and congestion in tissues.

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Our Story

Established in 2013, we are the first ever cryotherapy destination to serve the Chicago area.

Our founder Jim Karas – lifestyle expert, celebrity personal trainer, and #1 NYT Bestseller – conceptualized Chicago Cryospa after experiencing the lifechanging benefits of cryotherapy firsthand.

Since then, our mission has been to bring modern wellness to our community with these transformational treatments.

Read the full story

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(A $195 Value) - LIMITED TIME ONLY AND NOT VALID TOWARDS OTHER SPECIAL DISCOUNT OFFERINGS. Benefits include: muscle recovery, collagen stimulation, enhancement of mood/attention/focus, reduction of dark spots and sun spots, removal of bacteria in the skin that causes acne. An appointment is required.

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50% off your first Massage with each of our massage therapists

Get your first 60 minutes for $68 (Normally $135) or first 90 minutes for $100 (normally $200).

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$25 for your first Cryotherapy Treatment

Get your first Whole Body Cryo, Local Cryo, or CryoFacial for only $25. An appointment is required.

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Personalize your treatment plan.

We'll work with you to develop a personalized wellness plan so you can enjoy maximum possible benefits. Get started by reaching out to us.

Make wellness your daily routine.

Become an unlimited member. Our clients see  added, lasting benefits after undergoing cryotherapy treatment three days a week or more.

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