Massage Services

Massage Services

Key Spot Massage: Our lead massage therapist has created this custom massage to allow full body healing while focusing on specific “key spots” that are often overlooked in your typical massage. The trend is spreading over Chicago, as Josh teaches continued education on this specific treatment.

Full Body Massage: Decrease aches and pains with this full body healing massage. Revitalize and energize your body.

Massage Cupping: Rather than applying pressure inward, massage cupping pulls the pressure outward (negative pressure) to increase circulation in the area to promote blood flow, flush the area and provide relief.

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST):  Fascial Stretch Therapy is a cutting edge stretching modality that utilizes breath, relaxation, joint traction, and rhythm to achieve joint capsule decompression, myofacial lengthening, and ultimately healing. FST preceded by and combined with skillful massage is a powerful healing combination. Advanced training in FST focuses on decompressing and mobilizing joint capsules in all of their planes of movement, along with stretching fascial lines from the shoulders to the fingertips and from the hips to the toes. The intensity of the work is adjusted in accordance with the client’s intention. Musculoskeletal injuries from plantar fasciitis, to common strains and sprains, as well as common postural imbalances are frequently and often alleviated with this work.

Thai Massage: Thai massage is a massage that focuses on circulation using pressure points and yoga-stretching that promotes internal health as well as muscular flexibility. The treatment often begins with the feet and slowly moves upwards towards the head. The body is gently arranged into four positions: face-down, face-up, side and sitting position. This enables a flowing dialog between the client and massage therapist, similar to a dance or martial arts. Wearing a t-shirt and long work-out pants for free movement is recommended. There are many benefits of Thai massage including increased range of motion, the release of lactic acid and other toxins from areas of accumulation, increase in blood circulation, improvement in posture, balance, alignment and athletic performance. 



Chicago CryoSpa Pricing

  • Single treatment $65
  • 3 treatments $180 ($60/treatment save 8%)
  • 10 treatments $550 ($55/treatment save 15%)
  • 20 treatments $900 ($45/treatment save 30%)
  • 50 treatments $2,000 ($40/treatment save 40%)
  • 1 Month of Unlimited Cryotherapy $549/month 1 treatment per day
  • 30 minute massage $85
  • 60 minute massage $135
  • 90 minute massage $185
  • Normatec Recovery Systems$25
  • Infrared Sauna $40