About Us

Chicago CryoSpa was conceptualized by Jim Karas. After traveling to Los Angeles, Jim visited Cryo Healthcare, which is owned by Dr. Jonas Kuehne who, with his brother Robin, have perfected the Cryotherapy technology. After experiencing the Whole Body Cryotherapy, the CryoFacial™ and spot treating two areas of injury, Jim did not hesitate to purchase the equipment, lease the space on Lincoln Avenue in between his two personal fitness training studios (www.jimkaras.com) and open for business.

After my third treatment in the Whole Body CryoChamber, I didn’t have to take pain medication to sleep, which has been necessary over the past 5 years. I had a full night’s sleep leaving me more rested than I’ve been in half a decade.
As I am just starting my fourth week of a three times a week Whole Body Cryotherapy regime, I can absolutely see a difference in my body and the scale is down over 7 pounds. I have even noticed that the cellulite in my thighs has begun the melt away. I’m on the exact same eating and exercise program and the only new variable is the CryoChamber. Clearly it’s working for me for weight loss.
My ankle was injured 15 years ago while playing high school basketball. It’s been swollen and inflamed ever since. By my third local treatment with the CryoWand, I can finally see the swelling going down and the stiffness is also almost gone in the joint. I’ve been using ice baths for years and nothing worked as successfully as the direct CryoWand.
Last Saturday I had my first Whole Body Cryotherapy treatment. I’ve been suffering on and off from depression for years. My husband literally said to me later in the day: Did you take a happy pill today because I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen you smile so much. I have to tell you, I’m addicted to the treatment as it clearly is altering my mood for the better. Who would have thought three minutes in the whole body cryosauna could produce such a benefit?

What made Jim such a believer? After having suffered from a small achilles tear, he couldn’t get complete relief and found his movement to be limited and walked with a slight limp. After three consecutive local treatments directly on the injured area, the swelling diminished and the pain and limp was gone. In addition, the CryoFacial™ immediately changed the appearance of his skin. They promised an instantaneous reduction in inflammation and he could immediately see the difference. Additionally, Jim noticed that the size of the individual pores was reduced. Finally, the Whole Body Cryotherapy gave him an unbelievable boost of energy about twenty minutes after the treatment. It gave him the same endorphin “high” that most people receive through an intense workout. As Jim says, “You just have to experience it to understand as it’s mind-blowing”.

The immediate response to Chicago CryoSpa has been overwhelming. As Karas has successfully been in the weight loss and fitness business for over 27 years, many opportunities have come his way. Let’s face it, the man who keeps Hugh Jackman and Diane Sawyer in top form and has written five New York Times bestsellers has to be in high demand. Not one opportunity has compelled him to take such immediate action with the exception of Cryotherapy.